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Make sure you keep your memories with Mysocialbook

It's only too easy to forget the valuable details of life as years travel, click here to see some upcoming elements. Here are a number of the simplest ways to make sure you hold onto those treasured memories.

Make a memory quilt

If you've old clothes which you cannot bear to offer away, whether they're your grown children's Babygro’s or your own favorite outfits you not fit into, cut them into fat quarters and stitch them together to form a gorgeous , heirloom patchwork or cushion. If you do not want to form something yourself, there are a variety of companies which can do that for you.

Display organisation

Instead of keeping memories in your head, put them on display. You’ll embroider a sampler or genealogy which can commemorate family birthdates or a marriage

Create a contemporary photo album

We have numerous photos on our phones lately that it's well-nigh impossible to print all of them, but thankfully it's incredibly easy now to form a photo-book (and far faster, cheaper than sticking many photos into an album by hand). Upload photos from your computer, arrange them within the book and you will be sent a beautifully printed copy within days.

Have to keep a diary

Try a touch notebook to scribble down occasional belongings you don't need to forget, get into the habit of writing a page during a journal nightly, or start your own blog.

Starting a memory box

The obvious thanks to keep hold of all the physical objects which later become memories – Mother's Day cards, wedding orders of service, school reports then on – is to throw them (gently!) into one huge plastic laundry bag or box, which ideally you label with the year and store within the attic at the top of every year, once you open a replacement empty bag or box. If you are more organized, you'll create special treasure chests for every member of the family, or file memorabilia during a file under categories like 'cards' and 'artwork'.

Making a game Memory

What better thing to immortalize your favorite photos than by turning them into cards during a traditional game of Memory? Within the famous game, you switch over cards and check out to recollect where each pair of images is lying. You can now create your own personalized Memory cards by uploading pictures from your computer, or your Facebook or Instagram account.

There are several options to make a book that you want to post, from book shape and scale to paper type.

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