The instrument highly appreciated for its relaxing sounds and ease of playing

Whether you are a professional musician or an absolutely new man, in a quarter of a second, there are instruments such as the tongue drum that hold our imagination. You are captivated by the sound of this incredible instrument, like many others before, and you want to learn more about it before you embark on the adventure? You're in the right place as we're the first tunable tongue drum manufacturer equipped with a microphone and jack wire. But here is more detail about tongue drums before speaking about us.

About the Steel Tongue Drum

Dennis Havlena invented this incredible instrument over 10 years ago, influenced by hanging as well as some other devices such as whale drums and tambiro. The basic structure and operating philosophy are very much in line with the original hold, but variety is also evident. It is propane-like in shape and is cut off from the core. Seven to ten "languages" were split dramatically on the top side of the piece. The dimension of the langue defines the tone, although the desired tonality can be accomplished in several other ways. One common way to use a neodymium magnet is to add weight. It is a good way to achieve the desired level while retaining the same or similar language length. One of the strong points of this device is in terms of scales. Unlike hanging drums, steel tongue drums are in many different keys. Initial versions have pentatonic and standard diatonic scales, while new language drums are available with a wide range of colors. You can stick to traditional large and small scale and styles, but you can try with something more modern, such as Japanese, Arabic, Egyptian, Balinese and many more.

The steel tongue drum made for me

You know yourself well and you really like the scale drum that you choose not to reconsider your decision after practicing on your Steel tongue drum for a few months. Note that for years you will be tuning your steel tongue drum on this level without doing anything else., Alls media

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