The characteristics of a spa

When buying a bathtub, it's important to think about which model interests you the most, and what its features are. The Jacuzzi tub is a tub designed to massage you. For this, the spa bath is equipped with various massage nozzles. Each nozzle can send out a jet of water or air, massaging different parts of your body while you enjoy your bath. Depending on the device, you can enjoy different types of massages and different jet intensities, but also other features (lighting, music, etc.).

The advantages of whirlpool baths

You should know that the cost of a balneotherapy bathtub is significantly higher than that of a conventional bathtub. In compensation, such a model allows you to enjoy all the benefits of balneotherapy at home:

- Massage programs can be invigorating or relaxing, depending on your mood and needs.
- The hydromassage bath has been proven to act on stress by limiting muscle tension and relieving the muscle.
- The action of the heat of the bath and the hydromassage nozzles has an effect on joint pain.
- If you like to play sports, a hydromassage bathtub will be ideal to prepare your body, or on the contrary to calm it after exercise.

If you like the benefits of the bath and love to spend long moments in the bathroom, the whirlpool bath will be ideal for prolonging your pleasure and well-being at home, and freeing you from the stress of a working day.

How to choose a spa bath?

Before investing in the price of a home jacuzzi, it is best to make your choice carefully. Not all hydromassage tubs are of the same quality, and some can turn out to be disappointing in use.

If you are seriously considering this purchase, we have listed for you all the criteria to take into account before purchasing a spa bath:

The different shapes of hydromassage baths

First, it is important to choose the right bathtub for your bathroom and the space you have available. Impossible to put a 2-seater spa bath in a 5 m² bathroom!

You should know that there are different shapes of whirlpool bathtubs, suitable for most bathrooms:

Rectangular bathtub: also called a straight bathtub, the rectangular whirlpool bathtub is the most compact model. This tub is ideal for use alone, and in a bathroom where space is at a premium.
Corner whirlpool bath: Corner baths are the best choice when designing a large bathroom. If they are bulky, these bathtubs are perfectly comfortable, for a single use or for two.
Take not only the shape, but also the dimensions, to verify that your massage bathtub will fit perfectly into the bathroom layout.

Also make sure that the bathtub is adapted to your morphology and your needs (especially if you are using it in pairs).

Remember: the larger the spa bath, the more water will be needed to fill it! If you plan to use the tub very regularly, remember that this will have an impact on your water consumption., Alls media

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