How Bo Vaping are taking over the e-cigarette european market

Vaping has never been so popular. Faced with the rising price of tobacco and its repercussions on health, the electronic cigarette has become an alternative to the classic package. This trend has become a real phenomenon that has invaded the European market. Thanks to the introduction of bo vaping on the market, the e-cigarette has never been so much favored by consumers.

A market of e-cigarettes more and more fertile

On the French side, the market would be estimated at 1 billion euros, making it the second largest cigarette in the world after the United States. The subject of many debates concerning its harmful or non-health impact, the cigarette is still appreciated by the French. The cigarette business is constantly growing and its players are banking on innovation to become market leaders. This is the case of Bo Vaping, a French company of E-cigarettes.

Belonging to the Well network

J WELL was created by Olivier SARFATI in 2012, with the arrival of the electronic cigarette on the French market which began to gather a community just nascent vapers. The few existing stores in this market had no marketing appeal in terms of layout, furniture, level of supply of equipment and liquids available to consumers.

J WELL focus on a relevant marketing strategy and a range of equipment with innovative designs, refined and varied lines to position itself as a premium brand in the world universe of the e-cigarette.

Bo vaping

With the BO Vaping range, they offer you, if you wish, to commercialize these products in the outlets of proximity (tobaccos, presses, service stations, ...) of your sector and levy a commission on sales. Bo Vaping, a range of new generation electronic cigarette capsules, accessories and more than fifteen e-liquids in the catalog.

Thus, thanks to the Bo Vaping range, the company has consolidated and strengthened its brand in France by bringing innovations over time., Alls media

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