What kind of trousers fit you the best

Choosing a pair of trousers to suit your body type is an extremely important part of any outfit. Men come in lots of different shapes and sizes and finding the right fit can be a lot trickier than it first appears. Here are the best trouser styles for your body shape.

Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs

If you've got chunkier thighs then wearing skinny or slim jeans probably isn't the best idea. The tighter design will emphasise your legs and make you appear out of proportion. Instead, the best jeans for thick thighs are straight or tapered jeans. Tapered denim will give you plenty of room around the thigh whilst still tapering down from the knee, making them a better fit. If you can't find jeans that fit you well, go for a pair that fit in the most 'problem' area and get the rest of the jean altered to your shape. This shouldn't cost you too much, either.

Jeans for Muscular Legs

Much like if you have bigger thighs, tapered or straight cut jeans from boohooare probably the best option if you've been hitting the gym. The balance between showing off your muscles and appearing disproportionate can be tricky to get right. The best tapered jeans for big thighs will be looser around the top and thin out towards your ankle, giving you enough room to move without being too baggy and ill-fitted all over.

Best Jeans for Athletic Legs

If you're lucky enough to have athletic legs then stick with slim fit jeans. Although you could wear skinny trousers, they may appear too tight and become uncomfortable. Instead, slim athletic cut jeans will give you enough space to move around, whilst still showing off the shape of your legs. The best fitting jeans for men will be ones that have been altered to your personal size, so consider getting this done if you're struggling.

Best Dress Trousers and Tight Dress Trousers

Dress trousers are great for more formal settings such as work or a fancy event. If you're looking for something a bit different from your standard suit, a pair of slim or tight dress trousers can be a great way to add some detail to your look. Brands like Selected are known for producing some of the best slim fit dress trousers around but different body shapes will suit different body styles. Just remember not to go too tight. You'll want to avoid that awful bend-down-and-rip-the-bum-seam situation as much as you possibly can.

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