How to learn quickly to code ??

Most have web coding may not have the courses in class. They managed simply using web resources. The more sites can introduce you to web development. Even if the programming is now part of the school curriculum, the best way forward is to plunge his hands dirty. If you also want to quickly learn as a php developer, here are some useful techniques.

How quickly learn the codes?

The first thing you need to do is turn your computer into a game. To do this, you can for example bring along Kano a small computer kit sold on the market with an open source operating system Debian Linux. You can then program a very basic video game to be able to code in Python languages, Java or Javascript. Know that the Kano Block will make your system even more intuitive coding.

You can also program and Bo Yana to provide beautiful flowers to your neighbor for example, or let them play some music from a xylophone. These robots enfantds easily teach how to code with the help of many very specific challenges. The ideal would be to control the machine with Bluetooth-connected tablets iOS.

It is also what the Codecademy program to monitor the code free training for one hour a week. You can introduce you to several web languages ​​by many exercises. When you have learned a lesson, you will be rewarded with a badge or a trophy.

The program running on Xbox 360, Kodu is also a good alternative to quickly learn the codes. Kodu lets you create several types of video games that you do not have to type lines of code. It works with a playful language image that has been specially created by Microsoft for the occasion. As a user, you will first invent your own universe by positioning the elements building your landscape before establishing the rules applicable to each of the elements in question.

Otherwise you can do as Xavier Niel and use Logo method. It is a language and an interactive world specially created by MIT researchers in the 70 years when débutants teach the mysteries of the web. You can also follow the given free courses and written by the users in Openclassroom for example., Alls media

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