The history of the jacuzzi spa

Spa, jacuzzi, when you hear these two words, you immediately think of their common point, it is the use of water.

The origin of the spa

The spa comes from the Latin expressions, “sanitans Per Aqua” that can also translate “samus per aqua” or “solus per aqua”… all come back to the same health meaning by the waters. And it is the Romans who are the most fanatic of this term, the proof it is the existence of the large number of construction which is near the thermal springs. The others take the word spa being "espa" as the meaning of the "fountain" or "spagere" which means watering. Anglo-Saxons use it as a term for a fitness center, or a beauty salon. But whatever its name, the whole always retains its true meaning care by the waters.

The origin of jacuzzi.

In 1900, there were 7 Italians (the Jacuzzi brothers) who left to conquer the United States. Their goal is to apply their knowledge of hydraulics and fluid dynamics in order to more effectively update the water pump, which is intended for the agricultural sector. But in 1968, one of the jacuzzi brothers called Roy Jacuzzi who reused this system but especially for the hydro massage bathtub. And this is the origin of the first jacuzzi.

The combination of spa and jacuzzi “spa jacuzzi”.

This world is too curious that it is not limited to what already exists, so that's why the idea of ​​combining the spa and the jacuzzi is there, given that both are based on water and that they have the same goal, to relax. This idea came from America, at the beginning of the 20th century, and it was then that it became very well known. With all his women who like to take care of their bodies and their appearance. Just add something that promotes it by including the multiplication of windows, lighting, mirrors, media .... In a way it is like a product of well-being and health, which has a concept luxurious and high-end. Currently, it is widely believed that only in 59 countries there are 2000 jacuzzi spa institutes. And with this rhythm one thing is certain, that the sale of spas or the sale of jacuzzis will pick up speed.

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