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New ways of being able to comminicate at anytime

Communication is a key concept of life. We can simply say that without it, it would be anarchy. To share one's ideas, to mention something, to give directives, all that is included in the communication. However, people still do not understand what we want to convey. Faced with this, new ways of communicating are needed.

Better identify

The transmission of information is done through communication. No matter how you do it, the bottom line is that the recipient (s) understand the message. So we see various possibilities to satisfy this as an oral or written note, drawings or sketches, images, art and even mime. However, we always notice that people tend to better understand what they can see and therefore the images. The technology of assisted reality is simply designed for this purpose. To better understand it, imagine that you are an architect. As a result, your client will ask you to publish your ideas for a possible renovation. Drawing would be tedious and you should erase each time there is a misunderstanding. With assisted reality, you could just embed images in a photo and evoke your thoughts. It would be a saving of time that would allow you to agree quickly.

Even further

Assisted reality technology can help you beyond what you can imagine. In a company for example, when the company is made up of several branches, one is entitled to meetings of directors regularly. Sometimes the companies composing the firm are scattered around the world. You will be able to spend travel expenses in case of meeting just by using this technology. This by creating your hologram in the room. In addition, assisted reality has been designed with this in mind. This technology is also very useful in the field of maintenance and in particular, repair. It is often difficult to understand what a notice means. However, by following 3D images of the instructions on the object, the operator would arrive at more satisfactory results.

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