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One-Elec : The electrical specialist

Whether you are a professional in the electricity and lighting sector or an individual who needs a specific product, this online shop allows you to easily and quickly access a wide range of electrical and lighting equipment.

Your online electrical equipment store

Welcome to One-Elec, the electrical workshop where you will find a wide range of electrical supplies for professionals and individuals. We are experts in the proper functioning of electricity and all its components, with a comprehensive catalog to purchase electrical equipment online. Our website is distinguished by its lighting, mechanisms and electrical equipment. In each of our sections we have different products so that you can find what you are looking for in electrical supplies, always find the desired product.

Electrical supplies under the LED label

One Elec provides you with a catalogue of electrical equipment and electrical supplies of the highest quality that covers each of the needs that can be presented to you, and focusing on offering the best prices for electrical equipment on the market.

Good electrical equipment

In our online electricity store, we offer a wide range of electrical equipment among the best brands on the market such as Fermax, Niessen, Legrand, Simon, JSL, Schneider, BJC, Jung, Televes... offering thousands of references and cheap electrical equipment with high quality. We have a specific category of electrical conductors that covers the different sections of electrical cables and types of electrical pipes. Our prices for electric cable and electric hose have no competition. Among them, the colors of electric cables that you are looking for so much are perhaps with us.

Welcome to One-Elec

At One-Elec, we are constantly evolving. As a result, we are adapting to new trends in the electricity market by adding new products to our catalogue to improve your work in electricity.

Thus, we have recently added the electric heating section with a wide variety of low consumption radiators, the osmosis section with reverse osmosis equipment improving the price of our direct competition.

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