How to hit a real beat with a tongue drum

A is a drum made of steel tongues. It is a melodic percussion instrument that produces the same harmonic, therapeutic and almost magical sounds. It is a hollow metal piece, shaped like a crushed sphere, whose surface has cuts of various shapes and sizes which produce notes and scales. different musical styles. What beat effect does it really provide?

Getting started with your Tongue Drum

- Sit cross-legged or on a stool and position the instrument on your legs. It is advisable to play with the most serious note towards you and the most acute opposite.

- Be careful not to completely cover the part below the tongue drum with your legs so that the resonance is not altered.

- No musical or technical knowledge is required to start playing. You do not have to follow a score to play the tongue drum Beat Root, all the notes being tuned between them, no false note is possible!

The three game styles on the Beat Root

- With two mallets provided: the notes are easy to sound, the sound is powerful and felted. This is the ideal approach to discover the instrument and create melodious and relaxing atmospheres.

- With a hand and a mallet: it is a very interesting approach because it allows you to play melodies easily with the mallet while controlling the resonance of the instrument with the other hand.

- With both hands: it is the most pleasant handling but the most technical. It is possible to ring the notes with the tip of any finger however it is advisable to focus at first only on the thumbs, indexes and major.

So, you just have to let yourself go without thinking about the notes you are going to play. You must be carried away by your intuition and you will really feel the true beats of your instrument as a true magical sound., Alls media

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